Who am I ?

Born in Surrey, England and educated at boarding school in the United States, I currently hold a UK Masters Degree in Business Management and work experience in Europe, North America and the Far East allowing me to see the world in a wider context which in turn provides me with an invaluable perspective on international business.

I am a very progressive and pragmatic person, I love investigating the possibilities surrounding new ideas and the economic potential they can hold. Business has always been an interest of mine since a very young age through developing and implementing entrepreneurial ideas to facilitate gaps in the market.

Coming from a technology background I have been following a multiplicity of tech and disruptive companies evolution from both the financial and technical perspectives. I am always looking at the future for new ideas, looking not so much at the market size today but rather the potential market, who is the concept targeting and are there sufficiently compelling reasons to create engagement and revenue generation.

I have extensive Project Management experience for both clients and C level managers across Corporate Strategy, Management Consultancy, Marketing Communications with a particular a emphasis on how these techniques are used to visually communicate corporate and commercial messages clearly and succinctly.

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Alain Garner

Alain Garner