University of Kent Business School - Canterbury, Kent - (UK)

Master of Science (MSc) – Business Management & Marketing

Kent Business School's Master's in Management programmes are truly international with a rich and diverse mix of academic staff and students who will bring a refreshing approach to worldwide business issues. Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing the Master's in Management suite combines a demanding core of general management disciplines with the opportunity to pursue areas of personal interest through elective modules and a set of reports.

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    • Economics of the Electronic Market Place (CB930)
    • Management of Operations (CB932)
    • Marketing (CB933)
    • Strategy (CB934)
    • Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management (CB935)
    • Business In an International Perspective (CB936)
    • Financial and Management Accounting (CB937)
    • Management Skills and Personal Development (CB950)
    • Business Report MSc Suite (CB951)
    • Marketing Communications (CB952)
    • Marketing in an International Perspective (CB953)
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University of Kent - Canterbury, Kent - (UK)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – Multimedia Technology & Design

Kent offer an inspiring and challenging student experience that prepares students for the future. Kent provides a wealth of European and international opportunities for study, work and travel, a stimulating and effective learning community that focuses on the individual and excellent research-led teaching. There is a strong emphasis on graduate employability and skills acquisition and we offer a range of extra-curricular activities, support and services. Our campuses and centres provide stunning locations for study and offer first-class academic and leisure facilities.

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    • Digital Photography (EL339)
    • Visual Communication (EL338)
    • Digital Visual Narrative (EL337)
    • Interaction Design (EL336)
    • Internet Programming with Java (EL334)
    • Website Design (EL331)
    • Introduction to Programming (EL313)
    • Computer Systems (CO324)
    • Digital Film-Making (EL533)
    • Virtual Worlds and 3D Modelling (EL532)
    • Performance and Art: Intermediality (DR674)
    • Physical Theatre 1 (DR663)
    • Visual Effects and Compositing (EL635)
    • Drama and Multimedia Final Year Project (EL630)
    • Introduction to Stand Up Comedy (DR676)
    • Scenography: Practice and Theory (DR572)
Alain Garner - University of Kent

Gould Academy - Bethel, ME - (USA)

High School Diploma – Boarding School
Cumulative GPA (4 years): 81.48%

Gould Academy is a small, coed college preparatory school, located at the eastern edge of the White Mountains in Bethel, Maine. Gould offers a challenging core curriculum that prepares students for University and beyond. They are committed to embracing and engaging the tools required for success in a world that is increasingly reliant on ideas, analysis, and innovation. They offer a unique breadth of programming for a school of 250, and they challenge there students to try new things where they often discover their passions.

They believe that where there is risk there is reward, and they provide layers of support to help guide there students down their respective paths.

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    • Utopian & Dystopian Novels (English)
    • Lit. of War: The Vietnam Exp. (English)
    • Magic Realism (English)
    • Expository Writing (English)
    • Literature of the American Experience (English)
    • Sophomore English (English)
    • Analytical Geometry (Mathematics)
    • Trigonometry (Mathematics)
    • Algebra 2 (Mathematics)
    • Geometry (Mathematics)
    • Environmental Science (Science)
    • Astronomy (Science)
    • Chemistry (Science)
    • Introduction to Electronics (Computer Science)
    • Robotics (Computer Science)
    • Introduction to Computer Science (Computer Science)
    • Technology and Society (History)
    • US History (History)
    • The West and the World (History)
    • Music Technology (Arts)
    • Silversmithing 2 (Arts)
    • Silversmithing (Arts)
    • Sculpture (Arts)
    • Design (Arts)
    • Blacksmithing (Arts)
    • Introduction to Filmmaking and Video (Arts)
    • Pottery (Arts)
Alain Garner - Gould Academy

Cardigan Mountain School - Canaan, NH - (USA)

Prep School Diploma – Boarding School

Cardigan Mountain School is a junior boarding school for boys in grades six through nine. They emphasize solid academic preparation, respect and responsibility, healthy activity, and an excellent work ethic. There 5:1 student-teacher ratio, competitive athletics program, creative arts offerings, and abundance of extracurricular activities deliver the foundation boys need to both succeed and enjoy the ride.
Alain Garner - Cardigan

Hazelwood School - Oxted, Surrey - (UK)

Prep School – Private Day

Hazelwood School is an independent coeducational school with a long history of inspiring young people to flourish, dating back to its foundation in 1890. Set amongst 25 acres of glorious woodlands on the Surrey Kent border the school is vibrant and thriving, valuing the traditions of the past and embracing the best of modern education.

The school motto is In Domino Confido Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum. True to there word, they are a forward looking school, using there past glories to fuel future success.
Alain Garner - Hazelwood